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Considerations When Selecting a Dog Breed

Not all dog breeds are fit for all. You should carefully consider some factors when choosing a dog breed so that you get the best breed that meets your preferences.
First, one factor to consider is the size of the dog. Generally, there are larger breeds of dogs such as the Germany Shepherds, Great Danes and the Retrievers that require more spaces both inside the home and outside for exercises. This, therefore, means that they prefer movement and not a small place where they will be confined. The other breed that consists of small dogs includes the Chihuahuas and the Maltese that are defined by small dogs that do well in small environments such as apartments, mobile homes or even senior care centers. It is important to understand that the small the size of the dog, the less the care whereas the big the dog the larger the amount of care it needs.

Another factor to consider will be the temperament of the god breed. This factor should be among the top priority factors to be considered when selecting the dog breed. As we all know, some breeds of dogs are considered to be more friendly and outgoing while others are considered to be very aggressive. The family therefore should make a decision on what dog bred they prefer. For instance, if the family is looking for a guard dog then the aggressive dog breed will be highly suitable. In the instances they are looking for a family pet then the friendly and outgoing breed is will be the best choice for them.

It is important to consider family members’ needs before selecting any dog breed. For instance small dogs will not do well in families that have small children. These children are bound to take these dogs as their toys are they may end up being hurt by these dogs. Some dog breeds may be excessively protective and may not do well in socially active families. This is well explained by the constant visitation of strangers that may stress and frighten these dogs. In the event that a family member is allergic to animals, it is highly advisable to consider the hypo-allergic dog breeds such as the Maltese, Shi Tzu or the Poodles. Whereas no dog breed is actually non-allergic some dog breeds tend to shed less and will be more comfortable and appealing to allergy sufferers.

Lastly, another factor to consider will be cost. It is essential to consider that, every dog no matter the size and temperament or breed requires various supplies that need to be met if it is to comfortable survive in any given environment. The supplies that every dog requires may include food and treats, grooming supplies, outdoor hiking gear for dogs, as well as periodic vaccinations from professional health care. Every potential owner should take these costs into consideration and gauge their financial strengths to see if they are ready for the commitments before selecting the dog breed.

The above factors will help you choose the best breed that matches all your preferences.

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