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The Most Renowned Dance School in Ottawa

A lot of people really love dancing that they tend to enroll in dance schools in order to enhance or improve their dancing skills. Dancing can be considered as a form of art, a passion, a hobby, and a good exercise; and such activity can actually provide the people with lots of great benefits especially when it comes to their physical, mental, and emotional health. Some of the typical reasons of the people of why they love to do the said activity are because it can provide them with the ability to express themselves; they consider it as an ultimate source of relaxation; it can provide them with the sense of the community; and lastly, it can help them build affiliations. There are actually a lot of schools that offer different kinds of dance lessons, and mostly, these dance schools have their very own dance studio. The term dance studio is basically referring to the space that is designed primarily for the dancers and students, where they can rehearse and learn some new dance steps and techniques. The ones who are handling, teaching, and rehearsing the students of dance schools are basically called as dance teachers, and they have a specific responsibility and that is to lead dance classes to a single student or group of students. Some of the common tasks of the dance teachers include adapting teaching methods and techniques to meet the specific needs of their students; making some suggestions or recommendations on their students; monitoring the performance of each student; planning some dancing activities to them; and lastly, is providing the students with instructions.

There are definitely a lot of dance schools that can be found across the globe, and one of the best and the most renowned school is located in Canada, specifically in its capital city which is the city of Ottawa. The director of the said dance school in Canada is also a dance choreographer, and her primary goal for teaching her students is to share her talent, knowledge, skills, and her dancing experience with them. The said dance schools are basically offering its young students and aspiring dancers with three programs, and each program is based on the age of the students. The three dance education programs that they are offering are the pre-professional programs, the young dancer program, and the recreational program. Some of the other dance lessons that are included in the young dancer program are pre-primary and primary jazz, creative movement, advanced creative movement, pre-primary and primary tap, and pre-primary and primary ballet. For their recreational program, some of the lessons that are included are musical theatre, tap, jazz, jazz technique, ballet, and contemporary or lyrical; while for their pre-professional program, they are offering production, open class, pass de doux, repertoire, jazz, jazz technique, contemporary, musical theatre, professional ballet training program, and ballet examination preparation. Dance recitals are also included in their dance programs; but the pre-professional programs can actually provide the students with lots of other opportunities, such as scholarships, competitive team membership, recitals, as well as, national and international competitions. The said dance school has its very own website that contains specific and accurate information or details of their dance classes and lessons.

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