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Fall is one of the risks for people working from height. There are, however, so many people who work from heights in bridge construction, oilfield work, and construction. To avoid falling when working from heights, there is a need to use a fall arrest system. Since many injuries arise from falls when working from heights, it is OSHA requirements that workers put on the right fall protection devices.

You will, however, find different kinds of fall arrest equipment and devices in the market. The type of fall arrest system you choose will, however, depend on the project being completed. For tasks that need to be completed from heights, self-retracting lifelines would be a good option. This type of fall-arrest device allow the user to move freely within a working area.

An SRL has a lanyard which rolls out and retracts as the user moves around. Such retracting is intended to keep the lifeline taut. In case speed increases suddenly like during a fall, it is detected and automatic speed brake activates automatically. As a result, the fall is stopped. The most ideal area where you should use a self-retracting lifeline is when movement within an area is needed.

What makes SRLs great is their ability to stop a worker from falling off. Once a fall occurs, rescue should start immediately to ensure there are no more injuries to a user. It is also important that retractable lifelines are properly maintained and inspected. Before use, the user needs to do a pre-check. During the inspection, you need to look for any damages and deformations like cracks, loose wires, and corrosion.
A dry place would be ideal for storage to ensure your SRL does not rust. If you must clean your SRL, ensure you carefully follow all the guidelines by the manufacturer. This is because some cleaning agents may cause more damage to your equipment.

There are several reasons why you should go for self-retracting lifelines as opposed to lanyards. One such reason is that there is reduced free fall unlike with lanyard. With SRLs, it will only require two feet or less to arrest a fall for vertical anchorage. With such reduced fall distance, the risk of the worker touching the ground or other objects is minimized. Therefore, the risk of injuries to the user is reduced.

Another reason that makes self-retracting lifelines a good option is because the worker can initiate self-rescue. A users can pull themselves back up using a self-rescue pulley. It would also make rescue for coworkers easier. Also, you need to select a good lanyard to minimize swing if a fall happens.

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