Finding The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home – There is a guide for each trip. Harry Potter had Dumbledore to guide his magical powers. Luke entrusted Yoda with channeling the force and saving the galaxy. A great real estate agent is like power.

Your agent is a licensed professional who knows local home values ​​and neighborhood preferences, understands real estate trends, and can write offers and negotiate with home sellers on your behalf.

Finding The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home

Think of your agent as a therapist/counselor for your home search. Partner. Partner. Coach. Someone will boost your confidence and advise you on big decisions (teamwork makes a dream come true). And someone wants you to find a home where you can be happy because they are invested in your happiness.

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If the housing market doesn’t meet your needs and budget, your agent will go back to the drawing board with you. They interpret housing data through your unique search filter and tell you what’s important and why. They help you navigate your way to your destination and connect you with trusted professionals who can help you land your dream home. (Take a selfie of yourself drinking wine in your new living room. Instagram like first? Maybe your agent.)

This is a big responsibility. And a lot of pressure. Of course, a lot is at stake: money and time, but also your happiness. So contact an agent as soon as possible and you’ll be well on your way to choosing paint samples for your new kitchen.

“Agent” is a phrase used in casual conversation to describe three types of professionals who buy and sell real estate: brokers, brokers, and REALTORS®.

No, they are not actually the same. Yes, you need to think about what makes them different. Here’s the breakdown:

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A real estate agent is a licensed professional who helps people buy, sell, rent, or invest in a home. To become an agent, a person must complete pre-licensure training at a certified institution (which varies by state) and pass their state’s real estate licensing exam. After obtaining a license, an agent must work with a real estate agency.

Some agents specialize in representing buyers, some specialize in representing sellers. Some do both. An agent who represents both a buyer and a seller in a single real estate transaction is called a dual agent. By law, a dual agent must disclose the agency of both parties. (If the agent is seeing other people, you should know.)

A real estate agent is a professional who has additional education beyond the brokerage degree and has passed the brokerage exam as required by state law. In some cases, brokers have more years of experience than agents. The biggest difference between a broker and an agent is that a broker can work independently. The agent must be under the supervision of the broker.

A REALTOR® is a broker or agent who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the nation’s largest trade group. (Full disclosure: NAR publishes). KINNISVARA® is committed to a strict code of ethics aimed at protecting buyers and sellers; for example, REALTORS® promise to protect and promote their client’s interests. Agents and brokers who are not NAR members may not call themselves REALTORS®. There are over 1.5 million REALTORS® in the United States. You can use®’s Find a REALTOR® tool to connect with real estate companies in your area.

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Some trees are more trouble than they are worth. Check out the slideshow before you go to kindergarten. Then you will see the trees that students hate.

Houses do not clean themselves. But these simple rules (get up and do it!) will make you feel the same way.

Before you get serious about working with someone, you probably consult family, friends, and trusted acquaintances. Finding a real estate agent is no different: a great starting point is to ask your insiders and neighbors for recommendations. According to a recent NAR study, 52 percent of buyers 36 and younger found their realtor through a referral.

All major real estate listing websites—including® and Zillow—have an agent search tool that allows you to search for agents in your area. These real estate sites also collect reviews and ratings from the agent’s past clients, giving you an idea of ​​the agent’s reputation. Please note that sites have different policies on how agents can edit or remove reviews. (As with Yelp, use as you see fit.)

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The sites also show the agent’s sales history, so you can see how many homes the person has sold. In general, it is best to choose an agent with a high number of sales (a sign that they are committed to real estate). Perhaps even more important: the price point you’re looking to buy at and the agent who sold the homes in the neighborhood is a sign that they understand the local market.

Whatever you do, don’t rely solely on online directories. Always interview potential agents—at least three—in person. A meet and greet will give you the insight you need about the agent’s personality and style. Is this someone you enjoy working with? Who has a sense of humor? Who has your back? Who communicates with you the way you want to be communicated with? It is better to find out in person.

Once you’ve gathered all the information, listen to your gut: it won’t steer you wrong about who is the best agent for you.

But even so, there are some qualities you want to look for in any agent (your gut will agree):

Finding A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

There are a number of professional designations that indicate that an agent has received additional training beyond the licensed activity. For example, an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) is someone who specializes in working with home buyers and has completed a buyer-client relationship course. Here you can search for different characters.

From finding an inspector to dealing with the unexpected, this is your guide to home inspections.

How to find what you want and how to work with experts to get it.

Control your emotions and keep your eyes on the goal, and you’ll pay less when buying a home.

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

Congratulations! Now you have a list of agents you like based on their stats, and you’re ready to check out the finalists. Watch some episodes of The Bachelor — just kidding, don’t.

What to actually do: Schedule interviews with at least three top agents. During each interview, your goal is to understand the agent’s experience, personality, and work style.

Some lot closing agents have teams of assistants who specialize in certain parts of the transaction. It’s like having multiple agents work for you. But it’s up to you whether you’d rather have your jam or your agent be the only one.

So far, one agent is down. Someone you can trust. A person who listens. Someone who knows more about real estate than you do, but cares about finding your home.

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Now that you have a partner in buying a home, it won’t be long before you own it. The wrong realtor can cost you time, money, stress, sales, and plans. On the other hand, the right agent can pocket 5% more in some cases, a faster sale, a smoother sale and less legal liability.

How to find and choose a great agent? For some, it’s a price war and a beauty contest. What do I mean by that? Sometimes people only hire the agent who quotes the highest price or the nicest agents.

Now cute is cute. The highest price is good. But just because an agent says you’ll get the most money doesn’t mean you will. And just because an agent is nice doesn’t mean they’ll do a good job either.

I wish there was a “how to” guide to finding the best agent. So guess what? There is. And it’s called finding the right realtor to sell your home. It is based on 37 years of experience. It took me a long time to write this.

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It contains a lot of information packed into eight pages. It includes six common mistakes people make when choosing an agent. Because usually, when they make the wrong choice, it’s for one of six reasons.

A simple two-word hack, just two words to find the best agent. 12 smart questions to ask agents, including four that I find very business-like. They are very clever when they get answers that tell you more than meets the eye or ear. But you will see if you read my guide.

And when an agent says that, you just want to run. Do not work with this agent. And much more.

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