How To Choose The Right Foundation Color – Starting today, I’m starting a new thing on the blog: Smart Wednesdays, where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you be smarter about makeup and skin care.

For today’s Smart Wednesday, I’m going to help you choose the perfect shade of foundation. Let’s face it, we all have our share of bad basics. Sometimes pushy SA and sometimes shop lights, whatever the reason, but at least when we all have the wrong foundation and get a headache later.

How To Choose The Right Foundation Color

Me too, I have 3 bottles of foundation lying around in my stash that are lighter than my skin tone! I don’t understand why SAs try to sell you foundations that are lighter than your actual skintone. “Gora hone” I’m obsessed with Indians I tell you!

Find Your Perfect Foundation Color Makeup Class

This is the biggest mistake you are making, trust me. The color of our body and face are not the same. In my case, my arms are 2 tones darker than my face so if I match my foundation to my arm, I will end up with a darker foundation.

I’ve seen girls dab foundation on their jawline but that didn’t work well for me. I’m always looking for foundation on my cheeks. This is where I can find the right foundation color.

I have to explain this to all the girls in my house! Literally! Girls, foundation is all about making you look like yourself but in a sophisticated way, hiding imperfections. Foundations never look fairer or lighter. If you buy a light foundation, it will look artificial and ashy, which you obviously don’t want. So puuhhllleaaaazzeeee!!!! Choose a shade that matches your skin tone, not too light or too dark.

1 foundation that I bought two years back, compatible with my skitton in the shop lamp but when I tried it at home it seemed light. Actually stores have yellow lights which can be very deceiving, always look for shade in natural light. So come out to the store and check it out!

The Struggle To Find Foundation For My Skin Tone

Undertones play an important role in choosing the right foundation. There are 2 types of undertones basically – pink and yellow, there is a third which is a mixture of pink and yellow but we don’t have such bases in India so only 2. If you google it, you’ll find an exercise test to figure out the undertones. But green and blue never worked for me L. Just stand in natural light and look in the mirror. If you lean towards mauve/pink, you have cool/pink undertones and if you look yellow, you have warm undertones. So always choose foundations with undertones that match you, otherwise the purpose is defeated.

If you think swatches won’t help, ask the SA to do a full face for you. This way you can see the shade and how it looks on you. C’mon you’re spending your hard earned money here, so why run away from the whole ordeal.

Yesssss!!!!! Take multiple photos in different lighting. Store light, natural light, white light. From different angles, with flash, without flash etc. This will help you know what the shade will look like and whether or not it will give light to the flash. When I went to MAC for my foundation, I tried one, I went out and took 5-6 different pictures, I wasn’t sure about the shade so I went back to MAC and got a darker tone and went again and took pictures.

Last but not least. Don’t buy any foundation because of the stress created by SAs. It’s okay to test 5 shades and not buy one, you can! Nothing to worry about. I went to MAC three times, tried a different foundation and came back with nothing because I wasn’t sure. Similarly, only buy a foundation shade when you know and think yes this is my shade and it suits me to a T. Even if it means more visits to stores, that’s okay.

Liquid Foundation Development Tips

So these are my tips on how to choose the best foundation shade. Hope this helped you.

P.S. All images in this post are randomly pulled from Google and I do not own/claim title to any of them. The perfect liquid foundation starts with the right shade! Both colors and textures will affect the product.

Different regions, countries, and races suit different color schemes. We can find a good general point in that area to choose the best color shades for development.

These are some liquid foundation recommendations for different regions. However, we recommend that you consult Fuyue Biotech for more details on color, texture and formula.

How To Find The Right Foundation Shade 🤍🫶🏻

Although most Taiwanese have a beige skin tone, there is still a difference between warm and cool skin tones, so we suggest that both warm and cool skin tones should be developed.

Southeast Asians are dominated by beige and brown skin tones. They won’t pay much attention to the scope, so the basic concealment function is enough; they pay more attention to novelty and functionality, so the products you make should not be too colorful.

Although local people have warm and cool skin tones, according to Fuyue Biotech’s experience, many Japanese and Korean consumers really don’t like their foundation to be too white, preferring colors which can show their complexion.

European women tend to wear minimal makeup, and generally avoid doing anything complicated and time-consuming. They wear only the makeup they need, for the basics, they choose a matte finish that makes them look natural.

Top How To Choose The Right Biab Color For My Skin Tone Ideas In 2024

The United States is a land of immigrants with a history of only 200 years, Therefore, Americans are multiracial. Mainly in four colors of leather, white, black, beige and brown. So before you launch the product, you can think about the target audience you want to build. Or you can build all four colors in different colors.

Different regions like different textures, functions…etc, so there are many things to consider besides color. Feel free to use the “Free Book” button on the left to ask questions about Fuyue Biotech. We can help you find the best formula for your brand.

It protects the skin from external pollution, corrects lines and uneven skin tone, adds radiance to the skin surface, and is long-lasting and

【For dry skin】▶️ Protect yourself with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).▶️ Has a pH of 5.5, slightly acidic.▶️ Soap-free.▶️ Contains high-quality vegetable oil 【Sensitive Skin】▶️ Free

Perfect Shade Foundation Match Finder

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is broadly classified into UVA and UVB: ▶️ UVA has a long wavelength and can penetrate the skin, causing collagen damage, leading to

▶ Make sure Skin is Clean: Use a mild cleanser or toner to remove excess oil and dirt.

⚪ Dry skin: The skin lacks moisture and oil, which leads to dryness, roughness, flaking, and dullness. → Replenish and hydrate the skin, using lock-in products. Easy to understand skin tone theory, and my way of finding the right foundation color for the skin. you.I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear the right shade of foundation. The wrong color can ruin your entire look, and make your other makeup choices look tacky or messy. But don’t worry, I’ll help you avoid all of that with super simple ways to find your skin tone and choose your perfect foundation.

What I’ve found over the years that work on every skin tone, there are four main types: warm, cool, olive, and neutral. All four can cover shades (light or dark of color) from very subtle to very deep. Here are some of the characteristics of each shade to help you figure out who you are.

Maybelline Superstay 24hr Foundation 30ml New Sealed

Warmth: Warm skin tones have a greater presence of yellow, which creates a golden glow on the skin. There will also be a hint of red in your tone which adds to the rich golden glow, especially if you are a brunette. She looks good in gold accessories.

Cool: Cool skin tones have a large presence of red with just a touch of blue, which appears as a pink color and can appear on fair skin as a pink color. The deep cool tone has a true red-chocolate tone. She looks great in gold or silver jewelry.

Olive: What’s great about olive colors and what sets them apart from the other categories is that you don’t have the redness that exists in warm, cool, and neutral colors – so the yellow and green tones of your skin create the shade of olives. except that the red tone is there to reduce it. You rarely have a natural flush and are often missed or classified as hot because of it. She looks good in silver jewelry.

Neutral: Neutral skin tones have the perfect balance of yellow, blue, and

Mented Shade Consultations: The Easiest Way To Find Your Perfect Match

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