How To Choose The Right Lipstick Color – Normally, nude lipsticks are synonymous with muted browns, soft blushes and peach tones, but there is a fine line between timeless nudes and icy lips that, despite their recent appearance, we want to leave in the dark.

When combined with a base color, the usual terms “warm”, “cool” and “neutral” appear, which also apply when encountering a nude lipstick.

How To Choose The Right Lipstick Color

Vein testing is a form of color theory and “a quick fix for defining undertone,” says esthetician Sandy Maroghi, adding that it’s key to finding any neutral cosmetics.

Find Your Perfect Lipstick Shades Easily With Tōn Cosmetics

The vein test consists of evaluating the colors that run through the veins of the forearm, which correlate with the three skin tones mentioned above.

Code8 Beauty Global Makeup Artist Sasha Godstinat tells me: “Blue veins indicate cooler tones, green is warmer. “If you don’t know, or if it’s in the middle, you’re neutral and have warm and cool undertones.”

However, a cool undertone does not mean that we balance it with contrasting warm tones, but rather that we highlight those natural undertones.

“If you have blue veins (hence, cooler tones), choose lipsticks with purple or blue undertones. For green veins, you want yellow tones, so they are warmer and enhance your skin tone.”

Tips For Choosing The Right Lipstick Color For You

It’s important to note that while our undertones correlate to our ideal lipstick color, our skin tone correlates to shade, as Charlene Flanagan, co-founder of Ella & Jo Cosmetics, points out:

“The depth of lipstick color should correlate with your skin tone; “the lighter the skin, the lighter the act, the darker the skin, the darker the nude.”

“Warm skin tones with green, hazel, or brown eyes can opt for warm tones, such as peach, while those with cool skin tones and blue or gray eyes can try rose-based shades,” says Flanagan. “Olive skin tones suit beige, brown or berry or nude skin tones. Deeper skin tones can experiment with dark caramels and rich cocoa tones.”

How can we know if we have found the perfect color combination? “The right goal brings your features and your entire face back into harmony,” says Godstinat. “Eyes pop, hair color pops, and skin tone brightens.” “The wrong nude lipstick, applied on top of concealer, washes us out, flattens our face and dulls the color of our eyes.”

A Simple Guide To Choosing The Right Lipstick Color For Your Skin Tone

Marogi confirmed that one wrong act will affect his entire aesthetic appearance. “Teeth are likely to turn yellow or gray.” “The color will look like it’s just sitting on the lips, as opposed to a full lip that naturally enhances the shine.”

Alternatively, try the jewelry test. This involves placing silver or gold jewelry next to your veins to see which complements your skin best. “Silver represents cooler tones, gold represents warmer tones,” says Godstinat.

Another tip for finding the perfect nude lipstick is to evaluate your lip pigment. Some may have more lip pigment or be dehydrated, which cancels out the natural tone of your lips and makes it harder to find a matching nude lipstick. To combat this, make sure you and your lips are hydrated.

“Naturally, blood pH levels and heat will warm melanin, so you’ll look warmer in the summer, even if you have cool undertones, which is why seasonal makeup is so important,” says Godstinat.

How To Choose The Perfect Lipstick Shade For Yourself?

Not only is the vein test useful for finding the perfect nude lipstick, foundation, and concealer, it’s also a “universal rule” we can apply to our wardrobe, jewelry, and hair color, she says.

The vein test can completely change your perception about nude lipsticks; It certainly did in my case. After my visit to Code8 Beauty (the brand has a custom lipstick lab) I discovered that I have blue veins and a cool neutral undertone, but my natural lip pigment is a hot pink. After years of praying that soft peach tones and muted brown eyeliners would suit me, I discovered that my perfect nude is a not-so-subtle pink.

There will be no spam from us. Just a weekly guide to the best fashion and beauty buys available. Finding the perfect lipstick can be overwhelming when there are so many colors to choose from. Many women find it a little confusing to choose a lipstick color that is suitable for their lips and skin tone. It doesn’t help that there are probably thousands of shades of lipstick colors out there. Which makes the process of choosing the perfect lipstick color for your lips a little more complicated than it should be. However, if you know what to look for, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find the perfect lipstick color.

The trick to finding the perfect nude lipstick color for your lips is simply this: get a lipstick color that is one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. It’s that easy. If you want to play with color. You want to find a lipstick that complements your skin tone. The same lipstick color can look completely different on people with different skin tones.

How To Find Your Perfect Lipstick

As a general rule, light skin tones tend to pair with cool lip colors. This means that the lipsticks that work best have a very subtle blue tone, not orange. If you invest in a taupe/pink, a deep red, and a bright fuchsia, you’ll have a complete lip wardrobe. Medium and olive skin tones can highlight most lip colors, especially bold shades like bright matte reds and deep plums. Deeper skin tones can really make a difference with a bold lipstick, fuchsia or mauve pink shades. But like olive skin, nudes are where the problems start because they can dull the natural warmth of dark skin. Instead of a basic shade of brown, opt for a berry brown.

Here you have a visual guide that gives you a reference of colors that will look great on your skin tone. Blush is a must when wearing bold lips. If you don’t have any color on your cheeks, your lips could discolor your complexion. Think of blush as a complement to your lips. . . Your lips are the center of attention and you don’t want your cheeks to ‘steal the show’. Using too much blush or the wrong color is an easy mistake. To keep it simple, I paired several Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour blushes with different lip colors. this is my absolute

Blush for its pigment, blendability and staying power. (If you don’t want to invest in multiple blush colors, Too Faced recently posted a “blush wardrobe” that I also included… I’ve listed the colors that will work below the list of products used in the photos.)

Orange is the new red. Ok, I hate to say things like that, but you’ve seen J. Crew models wearing it, right? Classic like red, but more modern. To choose the right blush, you’ll want to stay away from pinks and reds. Choose an orange, peach or coral color to complement the orange.

How To Choose Perfect Nude Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Beauties

Violet is complicated. I love the lip color because it’s a little unexpected, but the blush is harder to choose. Look for one with purple or purple undertones and stay away from light reds and pinks. Just a small amount will do: let your lips do the talking to achieve this look.

For burgundy lips, you’ll need more blush than you probably think you need. A dark, dramatic color on your lips can take away the color from your face if you don’t choose a blush that is dark enough. Try one with a little more brown than pink and don’t be afraid to use a slightly heavier hand!

Red is always a favorite: classic, timeless, and the perfect way to add a little glamor to everything from jeans to your favorite little black dress. You can always use a neutral blush with this color, but I like to highlight the cheeks a little with the red lip. Finding a color that coordinates (like red or dark pink) will work great.

Akt is my favorite. He looks especially good with a dark smoky eye. For a nude lip, you’ll want a blush of a similar color and apply it with a light hand. The highlighter looks especially good with nude lips and cheeks. (This is my favorite).

How To Choose The Right Lip Blushing Colour

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Liner in Pumped, Too Faced La Creme Color Dipped Lip Cream in Nude Dolly, Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection Gloss (This gloss has mixed reviews, but I love it. It adds a little depth to that is not seen). like having your lips cleaned!)

It’s one of my favorite blush colors and looks especially beautiful with a pink lip. If bright pink isn’t your thing, it looks just as pretty with a softer pink. A rosy blush adds the perfect “I just stood outside in the cold” look on the cheeks and warms up paler skin.

Lipstick and blush are my favorite way to add a little color to the winter gloom! It’s a good way to

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