Things Employers Look For On A Resume – If you’re looking for a new job this year, updating your resume is an important first step. While there is a global skills shortage, we have also seen major layoffs in the technology sector; There is a threat of recession; And many roles may be impacted by AI. That means now is the time to ask, “What will employers look for in a resume in 2024?”

In today’s job market, it is important to ensure that your in-demand hard skills are evident in your resume, along with your technical skills and abilities. It is also important that you demonstrate relevant experience and build your resume with employers and job listings. Taking these steps makes it easier for employers to recognize why you should be invited for an interview ahead of your peers.

Things Employers Look For On A Resume

Now, let’s take a category-by-category overview of what employers are looking for in 2024. What will actually appear on your resume and will you need to get that interview?

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This is no easy task – include your name and contact details, including your email address. But remember, there is also an opportunity to highlight your suitability for the job. If you have a portfolio link or use industry-relevant apps for communication, add your URL or social handles.

An emerging trend is to avoid the often vague and clichéd resume “objective” and opt for a summary instead. If you include a summary section, we recommend keeping it short and specific. Make this a statement outlining your desire and highlighting your most relevant experience and skills that match the job advertisement.

The skills section is probably the most important. This is a quick reference list in column/bullet point format that lets the employer know if you have the skills for the job. They will often check your education or work history to see how strong your skills really are and how you acquired them.

You must be clear that you are qualified for the role. Therefore, for the achievements section, your bullet points should include tangible and measurable achievements such as:

What Do Recruiters Look For In A Resume?

Eleven new websites designed in 2021 resulted in a 200% increase in revenue year-on-year in 2022, all of which now rank on the first page of Google for their keywords. Education and Certification

For the education section, if you’ve recently graduated, you might want to go a little deeper here and add details about your course focus and any special (and relevant) projects or practical experience you’ve had .

If most of your skills were acquired “on the job,” this section may be shorter and you would provide more detail in your career history. If you have completed a lot of courses, or several shorter courses, you may want to focus on listing the courses that show you have the skills requested by the employer in your job advertisement, and leave out the rest.

Along with career history, relevance is important. While this section may be shorter if your career is shorter than the job you’re applying for or in a different industry, you can enhance it by highlighting any transferable experience.

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For example, if you are applying for a senior or leadership role in a new industry, your previous management experience is very relevant. If you worked in a hardware store while studying, but are applying as a junior web designer for a manufacturing company, your understanding of the industry will set you apart from other junior applicants.

There are other categories that you can add to your resume. What you do or don’t do depends on their strength and relevance. If you have a strong skill set and ten years of experience, you may want to skip the hobbies section. Conversely, if you’re a graduate applying to be a social media manager at an outdoor company and your passion is hiking, you’ll definitely want to add this.

No matter what role or industry you hope to work in, demonstrating attention to detail goes a long way. You can do this by tailoring your resume to the job description to showcase the skills employers are looking for (we’ll discuss that later).

It is equally important to proofread your final resume multiple times to ensure that it is error-free. Grammarly is always a good option to check that you are not making small mistakes that could ruin your interview.

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An easy way to make sure your CV is effective is to upload it to the tool below – it will scan your CV for common issues like impact or style and give you instant advice on how to improve it.

Today we’re going to end this overview of what employers are looking for in your resume with some tips on how to prepare your resume for a job, which is an important skill to learn when looking for a job in 2024. Is. It’s as easy as finding out what employers are looking for, how they describe it, and highlighting your matching skills and experience in your resume.

You can use the skills search tool below to get a list of skills and keywords related to the job you are applying for.

Tailoring is all about keyword alignment, and that means using the same words and phrases that you find in the job description in your resume. This way, employers will see and feel that you are a good fit! You should aim to use the same tone of voice.

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The job advertisement or description is your potential employer’s wish list. This is exactly what employers are looking for and you should respond by responding to their needs. You can read an advertisement or description step by step; Ask yourself if you have the skills or experience; Then check your resume and edit it where appropriate.

Our final note is a reminder to be relevant and specific. If your prospective employer is looking for “strong communication skills,” don’t add those words to your resume.

Solved a complex design requirement for XYZ by organizing and leading brainstorming sessions with relevant technical experts and providing the client a suite of three potential solutions.

If you want to quickly double-check what should be included in your resume in line with the job description, try our free targeting tool.

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What Does The Best Resume Look Like In 2024

Get FREE bi-weekly coaching emails from a $750/hour career coach. Get proven strategies on how to unlock your career potential, meet VIPs in your industry, and turn your career into a rocketship. When I graduated from college, I didn’t have much work experience. However, I had something that I believed remained in place – hard and soft skills for the resume. But what are hard or soft skills and how do they impact your professional future? What are hard skills and soft skills? Don’t let these contrasts fool you – both hard skills and soft skills play an important role in creating an optimal job skill range. Although best practice requires a balance of hard and soft skills in the skills section of your resume, there are differences between soft and hard skills that you should understand before submitting an application. What are hard skills? Hard skills are skills that are required for a job and are acquired through education, training, or experience. These are measurable skills that can be measured, tested and proven as opposed to the more subjective idea of ​​soft skills. Some additional examples of hard skills include: Web design Content creation Computer programming Accounting Technical writing What are soft skills? Soft skills are personality traits and interpersonal skills that reflect how you interact with coworkers. These are more qualitative skills that arise from life experience or personal development. Because they are more abstract, and more complex to measure, than hard skills. Some examples of soft skills are:

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