Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood – Did you grow up watching Sesame Street like me? Then you probably know this song too: “Oh, who are these people in your neighborhood?” In your area? In your area? Tell me, who are these people in your area? The people you meet every day. This is an old song because we don’t meet people in our place every day. At least I don’t. I live in the town of Winter Springs. There are green spaces, a community pool and a mailbox area, and verandas for each house. My family has a small house – a bungalow, and our houses are on the zero line of the area. This means I can reach out and touch my neighbor’s house. And I still don’t know my neighbors. We live in an age where we are looking at our phones, electric garage openers and doing our jobs. Gone is the economy (“Can I borrow X?”) and leisure time on the porch while the kids play on the sidewalk. In an epidemic, talking to strangers is not surprising – it’s dangerous. And that’s the problem? Not for anyone, but for me. Because God tells me to love my neighbor. Why should I know my neighbors? How can I love my neighbors if I know nothing about them? I know what you’re thinking. “Sarah, when Jesus said, “Love your neighbor,” he didn’t mean your real neighbor. He was talking about those around you, in your life.” I believe this is true, but who is in my life? Almost all people already know God and have a relationship with Him. I would like to expand my circle to love those who do not share my faith and background. And I guess I’ll start where I am, my real place. I am reading a book called B.L.E.S.S. Five daily ways to love your neighbor and change the world. This forced me to ask myself two questions: Do I want to love my neighbor? Do I want to change the world with God’s love? Yes. You? Then you start with me. Know your neighbors. Detective work I got to know my neighbors through detective work. The book recommends folding the paper into 9 corners. Your home is the rectangle in the middle. Then fill the remaining corners with the eight houses around you. That’s not how my place works. We have a central road which has proven to be a good place to meet the neighbours. Having lived here for ten years, I thought I would give myself more than eight (especially since our houses are so close to each other that I can see these people from my house). Here is my arrangement with my notes: As you can see, I have a lot of white space. What should I do with names and domains? I started to pray and ask God to help me to know my neighbors. This has had mixed success. One day I was walking down the street behind a woman and her child and I asked: “Do you live there?” Scared, he said yes, and hurried into the valley. The neighbor is a loser. Last week, I was happy to meet a family who moved here last year. Yes, you read that right. They have been my neighbors for a year and I just met them. They moved here during the epidemic, and although I had met the woman a while before, I did not remember her name and I did not know anyone in the family. Wouldn’t you know it, after I prayed for a week to meet people, the whole family was out eating and I met them all. Victory for the neighbor! There are still people I have yet to meet. There is a couple with an active German Shepherd and now they open and close the garage door before getting out of the car. When they first found the dog, he came out of the garage several times and barked at our children. This was not the best exchange to start a good neighborly relationship. Now I think they are trying to save themselves. The neighbor is a loser. There are also a few neighbors that I met once and quickly forgot their names. Now it’s hard to ask. Do you have one of these? This is the beauty of the picture. Once I learn the name (or learn it again), I can write it down. Now I write the names of my neighbors in my journal every day and pray that God will bless them: financially, in their family relationships, and in their work. I pray that He will give them peace and bring them closer to Him. This is my first step. World’s Most Stable Girl Scout When I was little, I was a Girl Scout. When the annual cookie drives started, I was nervous. Some girls in my class got a lot of instructions from their parents. Their parents brought the order form to work, and co-workers bought Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints by the box. I asked my parents to do this in their work, but they refused. Both were managers in their respective offices and they did not want to put unnecessary pressure on their co-workers. As an adult, I can respect that. When I was a child, I was depressed. Something you might not know about me: I hate sales. I hate this. And so I drove my red wagon around the neighborhood, knocking on strangers’ doors (I guess they don’t do that anymore) and selling cookies. I was so miserable throughout the process that I rarely made sales. I was the most reluctant Girl Scout in the world. I tell you this story because it shows how I feel about sharing my faith: hesitation. I don’t want to “sell” Jesus to anyone. What if I have what they want and it’s FREE I’m starting to change my mind a bit because of the Easter eggs. Last Easter, our church packed eggs to give to our neighbors. I took a few with the intention of giving them to the neighbors. This small action made my stomach relax. I hate promoting myself. I was scared and gave some egg teas to other families in the neighborhood. Did they slam the door in my face? Do they even look at me with raised eyebrows? No, there isn’t one. They were all happy to receive the eggs. I even spoke to a neighbor who explained that his family has been returning to their church since Covid. They looked online and he missed the meeting. It was a real conversation – not about the weather. So as I get to know my neighbors, I pray for more opportunities to meet them. I’m toying with the idea of ​​having a block party this summer (I was talking about it with some neighbors I met last week). What if I show God’s love through my daily actions? Could this change my area? Could this change the world? Take the challenge. Take the challenge with me! Draw a grid of neighboring houses. Write down the names you can. Ask God to help you fill in the “blanks” in your chart. Start praying for your neighbors and see what happens. Will you accept the challenge? Let me know in the comments below. You may have “expanded your circle.” How do you do it? Share it!

Sarah started leading New Testament worship in April 2013 and considers it a joy and honor. She lives with her husband Peter, three children and dog Poppy.

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood

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