How the Disney Vacation Club Works

There are 157 million Disney visitors since 2018, and you could be one of them or one who want to know more about the Disney Vacation Club, a timeshare for Disney, which began in the early 1990s as only one resort, known as the Disney’s Vacation Resort but has grown into 14 resorts, with 10 in Florida, 1 in Hawaii, 1 in South Carolina, Vero Beach and Disneyland.

A DVC member, DVC is a timeshare that can be considered as part of real estate that is points-based because to earn the timeshare, you purchase points, which are restocked every year without a limit on how many you can have and they represent the ownership interest you have, and can be applied on any resort but the cost per point varies depending on your choice of the resort.

Being a DVC member gives you a chance to receive annual passes for only members, conducted on and off the property, and receive huge discounts with the specific benefits being that you enjoy a 10-20% discount on restaurants, receive a 10% discount on the Disney merchandise you purchase, enjoy going to Imagination Pavilion lounge for members only, enjoy tickets, discounts, and excursions on tours and visit the Top of the World Lounge.

To evaluate whether a Disney membership is a good fit for you, it is necessary that you analytically look at the advantages and disadvantages of membership without forgetting to consider the maintenance fees paid annually for the improvement of the resorts and other costs you might incur such as renting out of points, which at a different angle is advantageous because you get to experience a resort before you actually pay for it, and when you have excess points of your own, you can rent them away, making it a great way of earning money out of your membership.

To become a member of DVC is a good idea but can only apply to people who have the ability to pay for the membership and other fees but direct purchase from Disney can only happen for the new resorts and to get a hold of the old ones, you can choose to buy DVC resale, at a cost high enough to keep Disney from purchasing the ownership back.

You can book for the resort from home 11 months ahead of time for the home resorts but only 7 months ahead if it is a non-home resort and during the peak season, it is better to book for the home resort.

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