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Scent and mood are known to be closely related. One way to achieve a relaxed and more calm state of mind is by burning a candle. However, specific questions have, over time, arisen when it comes to candles. One of them revolves around the harmful effects of candles. While conventional candles are still being manufactured with ingredients that raise questions, such as synthetic fragrances, inferior oil, and paraffin wax, evidence of the adverse health effects caused by such ingredients is still highly unsettled.  If still, you are adamant and still question the toxic nature of candles in the market, this article will help you out. It has rounded up some of the best-scented candles in the market. You can also read about Wickbox, a company specializing in scented candles, and here you can find some Consumer Favorites candles you can try out. Before getting to know some of the … Read the rest