Scent and mood are known to be closely related. One way to achieve a relaxed and more calm state of mind is by burning a candle. However, specific questions have, over time, arisen when it comes to candles. One of them revolves around the harmful effects of candles. While conventional candles are still being manufactured with ingredients that raise questions, such as synthetic fragrances, inferior oil, and paraffin wax, evidence of the adverse health effects caused by such ingredients is still highly unsettled.  If still, you are adamant and still question the toxic nature of candles in the market, this article will help you out. It has rounded up some of the best-scented candles in the market. You can also read about Wickbox, a company specializing in scented candles, and here you can find some Consumer Favorites candles you can try out. Before getting to know some of the best-scented candles in the market, it is essential to understand how to choose a non-toxic candle.

Aspect to look out for in a candle.

Three main indicators will help you know whether or not a candle is toxic.

1.      Wax

When burned, petroleum and paraffin-derived wax release chemicals into the atmosphere. Avoid such candles even when labeled premium grade. Instead, go for beeswax or soy wax which are clean burning alternatives. You can always find this information on the candle labels. Avoid a blend of paraffin and other wax and instead, go for sustainably and naturally derived wax candles.

2.      Wicks

Some candle wax contains a metal core that has lead. Lead is classified as heavy metal and was banned over health concerns. At times you can see the metal on the wick, while at other times, the metal can be woven inside other materials. You can check the label to confirm. Another important consideration when it comes to candlewick is its size.  Avoid wicks that are too large as they overheat the container, thus producing vast amounts of residue and soot.

On the other hand, small wicks don’t produce any fragrance and leave large amounts of leftover wax inside the candle’s container. It’s best to go for wicks that are 100% cotton and made of wood that does not leave a sooty and ashy residue on the surrounding walls and the candle container. A good example is Cherrywood.

3.      Fragrance

It is essential to be careful of fragrance when it comes to candles. In the US, cosmetic companies that make perfumes, candles, and skincare products are permitted legally to include fragrances in their ingredients without explaining the particular scent. Regrettably, this lack of transparency tends to cover if a product contains toxic ingredients such as phthalates and allergens that can trigger an illness. Go for scented candles with fragrances indicating that they have used phthalate-free essential oils and are 100% naturally derived.

Best scented candles

1.      The White Company Seychelles signature scented candle

This scented candle with bergamot, coconut, and orange combinations drives you to warmer climes. This candle has the warm feeling of a summer breeze with hints of buttery vanilla, amber, and jasmine.

2.      Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose scented candle

This candle has a floral and fresh fragrance, zesty top notes of lemongrass and rhubarb, some heart notes of spearmint, some base of sweet must and vanilla, and an unanticipated citrussy twist. It is made in England and set in a recyclable beautiful pink glass jar.

3.      Jo Loves Pomelo scented candle

This Jo loves scented candle draws its inspiration from white sandy beaches and summer holidays, sparkling iced water, and fresh linen sheets. It also has scents of pomelo, vetiver, and grapefruit. Jo loves makes all its candles with mineral wax and ensures they are cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians. This candle will burn for about 37.5 hours.

4.      Floral Street Spring Bouquet scented candle

This scented candle plays a significant role in boosting one’s mood. It has a long-lasting and robust smell of galbanum and cedarwood oil which will give your home the atmosphere of spring. This is the kind of candle to light on a Saturday morning after a house clean-up.

5.      L’Occitane Cocon De Sérenité​ Relaxing scented candle

Have this candle in your living room and inspire the art of living well in the room. It is a lavender-scented candle, blending lavender with sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin, and geranium enriched with essential oils.

In conclusion, with this article, you have tips on how to ensure you choose non-toxic candles. Some of the best candles you can go for are also explored.

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