Guide to Choose the Best Bee Products and Crop Pollination Services

Bees play a pivotal role during pollination of various crops more so the ones that depends on the bees as the agent of the pollen grains. A good example is the pollination of almonds where these natural pollinators are currently not meeting the ever rising demand because farmers continue to increase the acreage of almond crops in California. This literally means very many almond plants are not pollinated and this results to low yields. To solve this issue, there are so many beekeepers from the outside state so as to pollinate the almonds in California. This means you need reliable pollination service that will ensure all your almond crops are fully pollinated. There is no need for bees to make long trips as they fly across several states because by the time they will land on your farm they will be quite exhausted. Bees need to be close to your almond plants so that they can make as many trips as possible to and from your farm. This is a superb way of ensuring that you meet your target of crop production and this will also make it possible for you to get crop insurance that is suitable for you. In this savvy lead, you will know what to look for when looking for this crop pollination service out there.

One, it is good to ensure that service provider is dedicated to ensuring that they deliver healthy and non-stressed hives regardless of the variety of the crop that you have, that is whether you have late bloomer or early bloomer. This sees to it that all their customers are not disadvantaged in any way. Good bee products and crop pollination service providers should also ensure that their hives are inspected and tested by certified agriculture experts. This ensures that they don’t send out hives that are weak for pollination. This prevents their clients from reporting them to the Ag Commissioner. Therefore, in case you don’t want to get tired of calling Ag commissioner because of low quality hives delivered to you, you need to engage skilled personnel in this field and all your pollination needs for any season will be completely solved.

Finally, it is good to consider the cost that comes with this service. The service provider should have a clear pollination contract. For instance, they should tell you the charges per hive, the range that should depend on the type of the crop, the number of hives that you want to be delivered as well as the period of the entire pollination. In case you have no idea of the number of hives needed, they should offer professional advisory services to all their customers. This ensures that you have a clear budget for the entire project and leave you better informed than before. You can do some research to make sure that the company is quite reliable and professional when it comes to offering its services to all farmers.

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